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Jul 17

Identical wedding bands for couples

Different varieties of wedding bands and rings are available in the market letting people to have stunning choices while picking the most precious jewelry they desire to preserve for lifetime.

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Jul 01

Know more about the Birthstones of June

Birthstone is very important for many individuals as plays vital role in their life. Every month has a different gem as the birthstone. June has three gems as birthstone counting pearls, moonstone, and alexandrite. Every stone has its own beauty, charm, and style. Several individuals prefer their birthstone fitted in their engagement ring or wedding bands or Anniversary bands.

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Engagement Rings Wedding Band
Jun 20

Designer Green Gold Engagement Rings

Yellow and white gold rings are common among couples while choosing engagement ring or designer wedding bands, but green gold will be something new and attractive.

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Diamond Engagement Ring
Jun 09

Dazzle Your Love With Diamond Engagement Ring

To embrace your love and begin a lovely relationship you can buy an adorable and classy diamond engagement ring.

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Engagement Rings
Dec 18

Beautiful 1 Ct Engagement Ring Says I Love You

We also know that the value of a diamond depends on various factors. Cut, clarity, color, carat, are the four C’s that decides the value of the diamond. If value of any of these changes, the prize of the diamond is changed. All these factors are a ...

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Engagement Rings
Dec 03

5 Different Settings For Oval Cut Engagement Rings

The different styles and diamond cuts have offered great choice and selection to individuals while buying engagement rings. One of the most preferred and stunning diamond cut is oval cut. Many people like to buy Oval cut engagement rings. Oval cut di...

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Diamond Engagement Ring
Nov 26

Forevermark Engagement Ring For Enduring Love And Glam

Every love story is distinctive and special, so the stone representing it should be, too. Many of us believe and prefer to give diamond engagement ring as the token of love while moving to the next phase of life. For such special moment, what would b...

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Nov 19

Know Popular Earring Styles To Dazzle Every Occasion

Different people have different choices about the jewelry they buy and wear. They pick up different styles of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more ornaments in different patterns and metals. Shopping for a specific kind of earring can narrow your ...

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Wedding Rings
Nov 05

Make Your Big Day Memorable With Tension Set Wedding Ring

Want to give some unique designer ring to your fiancée on the wedding day and are in search of such a unique designer ring then, Tension set wedding ring is the answer for your entire search. Tension set wedding rings is becoming extremely popular t...

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diamond necklaces
Oct 15

White Gold Map Necklace With Stunning Diamonds

Select any address in the world, and let a diamond mark the moment that changed everything. Yes, map necklaces are becoming very popular and unique gift among individuals. Giving a map necklace with your memorable destination encrypted, can be the be...

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